Tax Service

Welcome to the tax division of Innovative Financial Inc. We are pleased to offer professional tax preparation. Whether you prepare your own or have a hired professional prepare your taxes for you, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
To schedule an appointment, please call Maria at 248-723-5900 or e-mail us at

Innovative Financial Inc.
CHECKLIST—What to bring to your tax preparation appointment

  • Last year’s tax return (new clients only)
  • W-2s
  • Record of income (1099s)
    • Interest and dividends from savings accounts, money markets, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, pensions, or IRA distributions, and so on
  • Sale of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds:
    • Date acquired and cost basis
  • Other income, including social security, lottery winnings, unemployment, jury duty, and tips
  • IRA contributions
  • Child care—provider’s name, address, social security number, or ID number
  • College tuition costs

Itemized Deductions:

  • Medical expenses (if they exceed 10 percent of adjusted gross income)
  • Property taxes
  • Home and equity mortgage interest
  • Contributions—cash and noncash
  • Tax preparation fees
  • Education
  • Vehicle license fees
  • Investment expenses
  • Safety deposit boxes

Purchase, Sale, or Refinancing of Residence:

  • Closing papers from purchase of new residence
  • Closing papers from sale of old residence
  • Closing papers from refinance of current residence
  • State taxable value of your home (available from local assessor’s office)
  • Renters—monthly payment and landlord’s name and address
  • Children’s information, including their full name (first, middle, and last name [if last name is different from yours]), birth dates, and social security numbers
  • Record of federal and state estimated tax payments

Direct Deposit Information:

  • Checking account information (copy of voided check)
  • Savings account information (routing and account number)


Tax preparation services offered by Innovative Financial, Inc. are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.